By joining Greek Life, students gain access to a diverse amount of leadership opportunities both in their own chapters and the community as a whole. Each fraternity and sorority chapter is entirely student-run through their own executive boards, chair positions, and respective committees. Moreover, the Interfraternity Congress and Panhellenic Council offer further opportunities that augment growth through working with University personnel. Many Greek National Organizations also offer individual leadership academies that are partly covered through their semesterly dues.

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What is Greek Life?

Greek Life at Case Western is more than a way to make friends. As members of Greek Life, we believe that fraternities and sororities are a social experience based on the fundamental right of a free people to form voluntary associations. We believe that the Greek experience enriches university life by offering a democratic social experience, lifelong value, creating a circle of service beyond membership, opportunities to develop an individual's leadership potential, and offering a home and feeling of belonging. We work together to promote community ideals of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and ritual, and to provide our members with the most meaningful experience possible.

What is the Panhellenic Council?

The Panhellenic Council serves as the governing body of all sororities present at CWRU. We are made up of diverse group of sorority members from a variety of chapters, backgrounds, and values all coming together to help our community move forward. The Panhellenic Council’s mission is to provide support and offer unique programming for our chapters to utilize in the development of their members.

We promote philanthropic engagement, encourage scholarly endeavours, and foster a culture of care among our community members. We hope to help chapters maintain the high standards set by their respective founders years ago by creating an environment conducive to living a values-driven life. We strive to help members see the importance of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and ritual as part of their Greek experience.

What is the zero-tolerance hazing policy?

Case Western Reserve University and the Panhellenic Council have a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing. Hazing, which is defined as "...any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off sorority premises, to produce mental of physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule," is illegal in the state of Ohio. It is not tolerated in our community.

How many students are in Greek life?

Approximately 34% of the student body at CWRU is involved in Greek life. We have everyone from varsity sports athletes to engineers and from marching band members to research assistants.

What is the time commitment?

Time commitment varies from chapter to chapter. While there are certain attendance requirements, a well-balanced schedule is encouraged for all members. Aside from mandatory events, Greek students can expect the time commitment to be as large or small as they want it to be, depending on their schedule and commitment to the organization. The best advice Greek students give to each other is "You get out of Greek life and your chapter what you put into it."

What are the financial obligations of joining Greek life?

Every sorority requires the payment of dues every semester until graduation in order to be an active member. Financial obligations differ among chapters and don't hesitate to ask about financial obligations during formal recruitment. The general range is between $300-$700 per semester. Dues are higher your first semester joining the sorority and then even out semester to semester.

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